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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today is Sunday

Allen is settling in okay at Retama. I have some concerns because he isn't getting the same level of care that he had at S. Tx Rehab. It's okay, but last night when I got there at 8pm he had a cold tray of supper (from 5pm) in front of him. Nobody seems to know why he hadn't eaten. It may have some logical answer or he may have had it in front of him warm and was distracted and didn't eat, but the fact remains, nobody seems to know. I asked that he be taken to the dining room. He eats fine on his own, but he needs assistance to get out of bed and a reminder. Allen is not yet at the point of focusing on time and schedules.

His rehab at Retama is going fine. I need to get things completely ready at home so we can have a home visit and try it out. It's about time to have him back home for good.

Outside my window... it's sunny and cool
I am thinking... I wish I'd gotten up early enough for early service, but that would have mean going to bed at a decent hour, too
I am thankful for... Allen being closer to home
From the kitchen... the puppies crunching their food
I am wearing ...slacks and a blouse
I am creating... ...nothing, and I'm aching to do some sewing
I am going... to church
I am reading... a book of articles written for Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
I am hoping... Allen makes another jump forward in his strength... I WANT TO BRING HIM HOME!
I am hearing...tv from the livingroom
Around the house... Erin is wathing tv and Jamie is sleeping
One of my favorite things...Allen's voice
A few plans for the rest of the week... I must get the rest of the bathroom bars, etc for when Allen comes home.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miracle Man!

That's what my Judy called him. She had a dream that as she sat in our livingroom Allen walked down the hallway and she called him "Miracle Man." Then Samantha, our wonderful caseworker from STxRehab and dear friend, called him that. We talked today about needing a Superman-esq Tshirt with MM on it... lol

Well, this was our day...

  1. Got a call at 6 am. Allen fell. Nurse said he was alone in his room and got up. Doctor to check him out.
  2. Got to S.Tx Rehab. Allen is just fine. He wasn't alone. The PCT was getting him into our out of bed and he just lost his balance and slid to the floor, but on the way he knocked his pinky. No damage. Hallelujah!
  3. So... Ann, Allen's PT, worked watched me as I got him in and out of the chair and bathroom. He did it, not me, but need to know how to assist him so he won't fall if he's wobbly. Then we did a practice 'fallen and can't get up' on the red mat and he learned how to get up with assistance. Praying we won't need that one, but glad to know the procedure.
  4. Cut Allen's hair, shaved him, assisted his shower and he's all clean and smooth and smelling yummy --- put on his cologne --- growl!
  5. We had lunch together, then back to his room for a nap while his discharge paperwork was completed.
  6. About 2:30 we wheeled down the hallway. Over the speaker, "Priority One, All available staff." That means they're coming to celebrate Allen's recovery. As we passed through the doors into the front lobby, many, many people were lining the walls clapping for Jesus and there were many teary eyes, including mine. Our God is an awesome God. So many were amazed at his progress and didn't expect him to get this much mobility back. Why did God have us there instead of just doing a instant miracle? So that we could be part of their lives and they could be part of ours? There were many prayers for Allen from these gifted professionals.
  7. So, we get in the car and leave Brownsville, heading to Harlingen. Allen thoughts are clear, but he isn't too chatty. I drove him home so he could see the house and we could see if he remembered, but mostly so he could see Betsy "Taco", Jamie and Christy. He sat in the car and visited for a while.
  8. Now the hard part. We have to drive away from home and take him to Retama. I didnt' think it would be that difficult. I knew I wanted him home, but my insides wanted to scream, No, I'm keeping him home! But I didn't. It's probably best to have more therapy before he comes home. At least I keep telling myself that.
  9. Now, we get him settled in at Retama. They're nice there. He shares a room with another gentleman. That will be different. He's had private rooms before, but at Retama we'd have to pay the difference. So... the next few days will tell us if he is benefiting from the inpatient therapy there. I hope he will. I know he's stronger and we could have brought him home and it would have worked, I believe. I'm trusting that this is God's direction. The many wise counselors I asked led me this direction and I do have peace about it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Next Step...

If paperwork gets finished, I will be taking Allen to Retama's In-patient rehab tomorrow (one side of the facility is for rehab). He said he'd rather come home, but is willing to take a couple of weeks more for getting stronger.Also, he will be able to come home for a few hours here and there during his stay at Retama. It will be wonderful to have him in Harlingen. We toured the facility today. Also, STxRehab's PT Admin toured our house today and made recommendations for changes. Sweet man, Kemp D., is putting in a ramp and bathroom safety bars on soon. We are so blessed by our friends and church family.

Now, the reason I'm changing rehab facilities isn't a desire to change, though I want him home. He could spend a week more there at STxRehab and be ready to come home. But that 100 days a plan year thing means our insurance would rather pay for two weeks at Retama instead of one week at STx. We've exceed their allowable payable days by about three weeks already, so we have to go. I realize they are paying about 75% of their allowable costs, but it doesn't even make financial sense.

God knew what Allen needed and the timing for it all. Starting Monday, Allen began to amp up progress, standing taller, walking longer, following directions wonderfully. He is wanting to be independent and do things for himself. We did a practice transfer to the car. He got in himself, with a little time for adjusting and we took a little spin around the block. He is amazing everyone around. God is so good! I told him it's kind of like he's starting to wake up and asked if it felt like that for him and he said it sort of did.He climbed stairs and a ramp today in therapy. One of the therapists who has been kind and friendly, but has mostly observed not treated Allen, saw him do the stairs and ran over to be an extra support as he turned around at the top to walk down (with just a few bobbles) Afterward, he told me he was really moved by Allen's progress. God is changing the people around Allen as He completes this miracle in my man.

This changing people around him fascinates me. Allen is without a doubt a miracle. According to the medical community, most don't survive or if they do, don't recover much. But early in this process I couldn't understand why, if God was going to use his miracle as a testimony, why didn't he do a complete raised up miracle with Allen not needing all this rehab and having a long cognitive recovery time. Then God put so many people in the medical community around us that in my heart I felt like needed to see his recovery, be part of his recovery, be part of this miracle. It surely hasn't minimized the fact to them that it's a miracle. Many have said that they have been so blessed to have had a part in helping him get stronger, but it's God that is healing him. Also, some have told me it's being part of this that makes them more passionate to continue doing what they do every day. Thank you, Lord, for your encouragement and help not only to me and mine, but to those you have around us.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Macs and God's Help

I have been thoroughly run over by a Big Mac Truck! Betsy got a stomach flu while she was here last week, then Erin, me, Jamie, Christy and Peter respectively. Wow... It was a bad one and my stomach muscles ache from ...well.... you know why... no graphics needed for that. Plus the fever has left me so weak... it's nuts. Two friends have brought over gatorade so we didn't dehydrate. That and a little sprite we had was all that would finally stay down. This started Thursday night and it's Sunday night and I'm still under the wheels of the truck. Well... maybe it's off me and my form is starting to pop up ( see roadrunner cartoons ) , but I have no strength. My girls, who had it bad, too, are still taking care of me.

I haven't seen Allen since Thursday and it's killing me, but I can't. I'd run fever even last night, so if I'm fever free tonight I will go in tomorrow morning, if I can move. This is NUTS! I am getting old. Jamie thinks I kinda hit the wall, that I've been going and going so much since September and now that I'm down, my body is keeping me that way for a while to recuperate. She may be right.

I've got to share with you that the Lord showed me something today, though. He showed me a cool vision that I will share later... not enough strength to type that much... but basically, I've got to keep my hope placed in the Lord, not in Allen's healing. Allen is the Lord's and God will do what He's going to do and it will be good and right and perfect. So...
I hope in God

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things that make you go.... HUH????????

We heard from the caseworker today that now the insurance company thinks that maybe Allen's progress has plateaued (ie, they are tired of paying). Have you seen all the progress he's made? Have you looked at the reports? They said this before they saw the reports... grrr... Also, they have this cap on hospital stays... 100 days per plan year, which he has already passed. Bertha, Rehab's Ins. person asked them incredulously if they are not covered if a catastrophic illness means they're hospitalized over 100 days in a plan year... well, there is red tape to work on and medical directors to convince to get the coverage. Why the heck do we have medical insurance if we have to hope and pray we don't need to use it because we might not be covered? So crazy.

But beyond my perplexity at these issues with insurance, I am confident in God that He has the exact number of days that Allen needs inpatient rehab and he will be home on the day he needs to be. I am SO anxious for that day to come.... I mean, come on.... I haven't just been able to lay on the bed with my hubby and watch tv and snuggle in 3 1/2 months. I miss him just being here, just know he's breathing beside me at night. I know.... gushy... but true. I am so thankful for all the fine care and hard work S TX Rehab has put into his recovery.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in ALLEN will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That man was made for walking!!!!!

I woke up late Monday, but I didn't miss the excitement! Ann (therapist) used this contraption for Allen to put his arms on so he could easier straighten up his back (he tends to hunch over). Straight up, he walked and walked and walked and walked. I don't measure feet in my head well, but I'd guess over 150 feet. That might be conservative. It was out the gym to the front of the building, through reception and down the hallway, around a couple of corners to the back of the gym. He rested twice, but walked the rest self-propelled!

He had his swallow study yesterday (Tuesday) and we had hoped he'd be off the nectar-thick drinks with meals, but he still is not swallowing strongly so he retains a tiny bit of liquid in the back of his throat and doesn't swallow again or clear his throat so they are worried he'll aspirate. That's okay. We can deal with that. It will get better. He can have 'thin' water between meals.

We find out from the insurance if he can continue there, but if not, we really hope he can get to come home... I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Yours, Lord, Everything I've Got, Everything I am, Everything I'm Not ...

Don't misunderstand when I say this, but... I'M TIRED OF DRIVING TO BROWNSVILLE EVERY DAY. I am so blessed that Allen is getting the care he needs there, that that facility is close enough to drive to, that I'm not needing to provide all his care myself at this moment, and most of all, that I get to spend time with my precious Allen every day... but... I am so anxious for when he comes home! I am a homebody. Yes, I like little trips out every few days to do something or another, but I love each day that I've had that I never have to leave the house. Okay... so I've vented and I need to put on my big girl panties and get ready to drive. This mostly comes from the fact that it was nasty to drive in the drizzle yesterday with a little bit of hydroplaning to boot.

Allen had a good day yesterday... clear enough and well, but he rested a lot after his shower and lunch. So I napped and surfed the net and watched tv, then home to my girls who were super cleaning the house. What a blessing!

Outside my window... it's sunny and soggy, but not raining today
I am thinking... I need to get dressed for church
I am thankful for... a good car with decent gas mileage
From the kitchen... my keys a'tappin'
I am wearing ... jammies
I am creating... ...part of my problem... nothing
I am going... to church
I am reading... not much last night
I am hoping... Allen walks strongly soon
I am hearing...kid shows from the livingroom
Around the house... Erin is wathing tv and Jamie is sleeping
One of my favorite things... granola and yogurt...mmmm
A few plans for the rest of the week... Christy coming down for school, cleaning out some craft stuff to donate to our trash to treasure sale at quilt guild, calling billing departments about medical bills
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I mostly have been really aware of the fact that these are God's bills. There is something about seeing a half-million dollar hospital bill that emphasizes the fact that when you can't do anything about it, God is the only one who can. I just need his direction on what to do when.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

... and time goes on ...

Yesterday morning I slept late and did some stuff around the house. Jamie, Erin and I headed down to see Allen and he looked good. We are trying an eye patch on his right eye which he cannot see well out of. He seems to be okay wearing it. We'll see. But... when I helped him put it on I asked him if he's going to tell everyone "ARRRR" like a pirate and he said he was going to say "Avast, Matey!" Too funny... he's got such a cute sense of humor.

I spoke to Ann, his PT, and she said he walked 35 feet with the walker!!!! Best yet!!! He did well in OT and Speech, too. His cognition and appropriate answers were right on.

So we sat and visited, ate dinner, then watched Night at the Museum 2 together until 8 when we left. It was a great day.

Outside my window... Lots of drippiness... needed that soaky rain, but I don't want to go out in it.
I am thinking... I wish I could poof myself to Allen this morning and not drive in this weather
I am thankful for... the people God puts in our life
From the kitchen... the refrigerator is purring
I am wearing ... jeans, tshirt
I am creating...I wish I were creating
I am going...to see my hunny soon
I am reading... just skimming through stuff
I am hoping... Allen will walk well enough soon to come home... I miss him being here SO much
I am hearing... drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip
Around the house... Everyone else is snoozing
One of my favorite things... worship time at church
A few plans for the rest of the week... this week is almost done... still want to dust and sweep my room and bathroom
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Five years ago! Time goes by too quickly.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Kids are the Best!

Got home from time with Allen today ready to tackle the refrigerator... see yesterday's post... and not only had Jamie cleaned, decluttered and organized the fridge, but cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry and cooked an awesome chicken soup for dinner. Erin cleaned up and vacuumed the livingroom and helped with laundry, too, plus made my bed that I ran out without doing this morning (hate not making my bed). What a blessing!

Allen had a tired day today. He did well with transferring from chair to chair and did what he could today, but was tired and chilled uninterested in extras. He will have good and bad days so I'm told so this was one of them. Keep him in prayer that he won't catch anything with that chill.

I'm headed to bed... just tired tonight.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How many jars of pickles does one need?

Allen had a busy and tiring day. Jamie, Christy and Betsy came down just after Erin and I got there. He was tickled to see Betsy and she entertained him a lot. He'd let her get away with anything! What a Pa-Pa! She and the rest of us watched him walk a bit in the walker. After speech therapy we went back to the room and Betsy laid cradled in the crook of his arm for a while. Very still and content for an 18-month old. Pa-Pa loved it. The girls went home after lunch, except for Erin and I. Allen had a great workout with Emerick, his OT. He would do arm exercises to build up his arms, shoulders, trunk, etc. using 3 lb. dumbbells. Then he handed them to me to use while he rested in between sets. MY ARMS ARE TIRED!!! He either gets a great workout or I'm a wimp... well, sure, I am a wimp. No upper body strength, but with Allen's encouragement, I'll get stronger, too!
Outside my window... 44 degrees and nighttime
I am thinking... I should clean out the fridge .... not.
I am thankful for... God's way of giving us direction
From the kitchen... ... still that fridge... grrr...
I am wearing ... jeans, top, sweater... I'm cold.
I am creating...absolutely nothing in my head or from my hands this evening
I am going... to go to bed soon... maybe I'll read a little while... or just surf and vegetate
I am reading... a book about essential oils... little bits at a time
I am hoping... to get some time to clean out the fridge when I'm not vegetating...
I am hearing... nothing... peace and quiet... and keys being tapped
Around the house... Erin is in the shower, Betsy is asleep
One of my favorite things... quiet evenings
A few plans for the rest of the week... hmmmm... the fridge?
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As for Allen and His House...

Allen has had such wonderful progress. For the last several days he has been clearer cognitively and more aware of all that's going on around him. He has held conversations and been very interested in what I'm doing and talking about with others there and keeping in the loop. When I text he wants to know to who and what it's about. Physically, he is getting stronger and stronger and he is transferring with assistance in therapy. Hopefully, he will get strong enough to begin doing it with nurses in his room soon. He wants to get better and is trying so hard during his sessions. I'm so proud of him. I was talking to one of the weekend doctors and he said he didn't think Allen would improve like he is. He was pleased. I mentioned to him or someone there that two months ago Allen was just moving a finger. Allen looked at me and said, I had no idea I was that bad. I told him about his progress since it all happened and he was amazed and it seemed to help him understand just how well he is really doing. We also discussed my parents selling their home in the country and moving in town about 9 years ago and then each of them passing in 2004 and 2008. It really bothered him that he didn't remember those things. I don't know if all this information will stick or we'll need to discuss it again, but I can see a difference in his reactions that it's trying to soak into his memories or bring up memories or whatever.
Keep praying... God is hearing and doing His wonderful work in Allen's life! ... and ours.

Outside my window... cold and grey
I am thinking... I am so looking forward to seeing my hunny-bunny this morning...I miss him
I am thankful for... the therapists at S.Tx Rehab that God has put in my husband's life... that care about him and get such a charge when he gets stronger and accomplishes more
From the kitchen... need to sweep!
I am wearing ... slacks and a top
I am creating... stuff in my head... one day I'll get to my stitchin' again
I am going... to see my hunny-bunny
I am reading... a book about essential oils
I am hoping... Allen is able to continue the forward motion
I am hearing... Betsy, the little parrot!
Around the house... Erin is getting Betsy dressed
One of my favorite things... coffee...yeah, it would be healthier not to drink it... maybe... but it tastes so good in the morning
A few plans for the rest of the week... keep on keepin' on
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Outside my window... it's dark
I am thinking... it was a good day ... church, friends, Christy, Peter, Betsy for lunch. Christy and I sat and went over medical bills and got things in order, then off to see Allen until 8pm.
I am thankful for... Bro. Ron, he was our pastor for many years and still one of those who oversees us and he is such a blessing to our hearts... our spiritual father.
From the kitchen... after dinner quiet
I am wearing ... slacks and a top
I am creating... I got to work on my "Step Beyond" Class quilt yesterday.
I am going... to work on a couple of things and go to bed
I am reading... The HipChick's Guide to Macrobiotics(title may be off)
I am hoping... Allen continues progressing steadily forward... unless God just wants to do a super miracle and raise him up quickly. That would surely be okay, too!
I am hearing... food network in the livingroom
Around the house... Erin is in bed after prayers and snuggles, puppies are quiet, Jamie has been working on Erin's school lessons... what a blessing!
One of my favorite things... my locket Allen gave me a year or so ago. It has a pair of scissors on a black background and is on a black ribbon necklace.
A few plans for the rest of the week... continue cleaning up my room, and Christy and Betsy will be staying with us a few days as she starts school at TSTC. They have one car until the other one is fixed and it's easier for her to stay close to school. We will love having two more wonderful girls in the house.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I was thanking the Lord for the opportunity and ability to go see Allen every day. Yes, gas prices are going up, but the Lord continues to provide and I love being with him. Sitting with him tonight was wonderful. We chatted. BUT... I will so look toward the day he can be home and it won't be necessary to drive there every day. I am not a morning person!...and getting up for his therapy ... woo... more coffee!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The LORD raises them that are bowed down.

The last few days have been busy... so busy that last night I passed out on the couch and poor Erin was needing me to explain a math problem to her. I started to and just passed out again. So I went to bed. Math doesn't compute when my brain is asleep.

This week Allen has walked a little further each day. He needs the therapist to help him get up and I'm behind with a balancing hand as he walks. He is standing a little taller and and walking bigger steps each day. He made it all the way to the end of the bars ... about 12 feet, I think ... in one attempt. The first day was half way in three attempts, so he improved a lot in 4 days. Cognitively, it is slow, but he is remembering more. He doesn't always retain it, but it surfaces here and there, which is encouraging. ... and he planted a great kiss on me the other day!!! Then the next day he thought I was his mother.... alas... maybe I need to color my hair one more time. LOL He sometimes forgets we're older.

On Tuesday, the insurance company believed they were going to deny his staying longer at the rehab and opt for either a nursing facility or home care. But... Sam (the caseworker) and I prayed and left it with God. She came in later and told me the insurance doctor approved another week. I am still praying for him to stay there at S.Tx Rehab until he's walking with little assistance. God knows our desires and Allen's true needs and HE will do what is right and in HIS will.

The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous:' Psalm 146:8

Monday, January 3, 2011

For today... Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outside my window... it's overcast.
I am thinking... wish I'd gotten up a little earlier... gone to bed a little earlier...
I am thankful for... one day at a time
From the kitchen... I'm drinkin' my coffee
I am wearing ... jeans, tank, overshirt
I am creating... haven't worked on anything in a day or so
I am going... to see my precious Allen
I am reading... The HipChick's Guide to Macrobiotics(title may be off)
I am hoping... Allen is strong and well today
I am hearing... nothing... peace and quiet
Around the house... Erin is getting her shoes on and school stuff together to head to Brownsville.
One of my favorite things... a beautiful hummingbird nightlight my friend, Debbie, gave me last night.
A few plans for the rest of the week... reorganizing my sewing area
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Something I want to make, but a toy for Betsy.

Those shoes were made for walking...

Allen and I had a good visit yesterday. Got there after church and we took in plates from Luby's. I took him liver and onions, he loves it, mac-n-cheese, green beans and punkin pie. He ate ALL of it, plus some cottage cheese and pineapple from the cafeteria. They grade him on how much he eats every day and she marked it at 100 percent before he finished the plate! LOL

drum roll, please...
Allen took his first steps. We were holding onto him, but he was doing the stepping forward about six feet!!!!! It was so wonderful to see. He also learned how to stand and transfer to and from the chair and bed. Thank you, Lord Jesus! AND... his speech therapist was pleased with his reading and responding today. Last week was rough for him, too, but with the Lord's help he is overcoming!

God is so good to help us walk through the dark times and then show us the dawn. Thank you, Lord! As my friend, Debbie, told me tonight, our struggles and overcoming are cyclical. Like a small spiral we hit the hard times pretty often and then overcome with baby steps. Then, as we go around that spiral a little more time will pass before that overwhelmed time, until, Lord willing, we will be off this spiral. But life is like that, I suppose.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year with Allen and my Sunday Simplicity

Yesterday, Jamie, Erin and I spent the afternoon with Allen. He was really tired after a long therapy morning and sitting up for hours, so the nurses had put him back into bed for a nap. He visited with us for a little bit then slept. We sat and read until it was his supper time. They allowed him to eat in bed, so we got his tray for him. They've upgraded him to chopped food because he's having no problem with swallowing... yea! We talked to him about what kind of food we can bring him, old memories, concerts and music, lots of odds and ends. He still has lots of memory gaps, but he knows us. He commented on Jamie's purple hair! (she did one of those wash out ones for the new year) and called Erin "Punkin" which is one of her nicknames and he kept her in the conversation (she sits on the bench in the corner and reads after she visits with Dad a bit). It was a good visit.

Outside my window...the coral vine is still beautiful... nice and warm S.Tx winters.
I am thinking... Is that girl going to be ready for church?
I am thankful for... a good night's sleep.
From the kitchen... the puppies are crunching their food.
I am wearing ... slacks and a top.
I am creating... head designing a chicken banner our guild president inspired
I am going... to church, lunch, then off to see my Allen
I am reading... the Word, a fiction book to Allen called Kingdom For Sale, trying to start reading several other books, including Twilight that my youngest daughter insists is a must read.
I am hoping... God will finish the miracle in my husband and return him to me.
I am hearing... puppy crunches...lol
Around the house...it's quiet.
One of my favorite things... watching the bees dance around the coral vine.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Back and forth to rehab, cleaning house
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I don't know how long I'll keep up my "For Today" thoughts, but for now, it's rather centering for me.... one day at a time.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I still just want simplicity...

My life has been nothing like 'simple' in the past few months, but my desires haven't changed and I believe it's still the kind of life I believe the Lord wants for me. To simply love him with all my heart, to serve him by loving and caring for my family and others. Erin asked me this morning if I had new year's resolutions. I have always hated that 'doomed to fail' resolution-making exercise, but reflecting and praying and following a path the Lord leads you on... I want to return to that focus of simplicity.

Outside my window... the sun is shining and wind is blowing, a warm and windy South Texas winter.
I am thinking... that I am ready to go see my darling husband at the rehab hospital (waiting on the girls to be ready).
I am thankful for... my husband's life and the wonderful children God gave me. They encouraged and held me through a tough time last night.
From the kitchen... it is quiet and fairly clean. No cooking going on today and not all that much good cooking going on for the past three months.
I am wearing my baggy jeans and a sequined T, ready to leave.
I am creating... when I have time to sit and do nothing, I have been hand stitching some precut hexagons to make a table cover for my table. It was my mom's table and I have no idea where she got it, but it's supposed to be very old. But... it was taller than she liked so years ago she cut off the balls of the feet...LOL... worthless to collectors, but I don't care. I love it cause it was Momma's.
I am going... to see my darling husband
I am reading... the Word, a fiction book to Allen called Kingdom For Sale, trying to start reading several other books, including Twilight that my youngest daughter insists is a must read.
I am hoping... God will finish the miracle in my husband and return him to me.
I am hearing... silly cartoons.
Around the house... the girls are supposed to be getting ready to leave... oh, and I really need to clean. The dust is getting thick. I want the Christmas stuff down first so I can give it a good cleaning.
One of my favorite things... watching old series of Gilmore Girls with my girls in the evening with supper.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Back and forth to rehab, cleaning house
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...