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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New floors! and some great fabric storage ~

Floors, hallelujah, they're done! I've hated the off-off-off-white stained, dirty, hard to clean carpet since Mom and Dad moved in. And Allen, Erin and I living here after Daddy passed did nothing to improve it. Yes, we're messy. We take tea and dirty feet into the room. What can I say? Oh, well, we decided now was the time to replace it. We had lumber liquidators put in beautiful laminate floors, Mountain Pine, and it is very pretty and easy to clean ... so far and I hope it stays that way. We haven't gotten through with the organizing, putting up pics, etc. And I'm using my old sewing table until my new one is assembled and stained. After all, like I said in my last post -- I didn't mind changing rooms, as long as I had room for my sewing machine.

I'm sharing these pics of my room, including a wonderful idea my dh had for storing fabric -- shoe storage and file drawers, plus my sweet Erin, asleep, in her lavender and peapod green bedroom. Yes, she chose those colors, which after we looked at much of her other decor, matched perfectly!!! Her personality!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby Bear Blanket Sewing Day

Saturday was the first day we got together to make blankets for moms who lose their newborns at VBMC. Six of us ( Christy, Erin, Pat, Ann, Jodi and I ) worked and had fun, ate some wonderful chicken salad Christy made, chocolate butterscotch macadamia nut cookies with lemonade....mmmm! We completely finished a dozen blankets, sweet Jodi took a half dozen to sew up, and precious Ann took 5 to top stitch. So... drum roll... we'll have 23 in short order, if I've counted right. To check out more information on Baby Bear's Blankets, go to www.babybearsblankets.blogspot.com
Thank you, ladies, for your help and fellowship and all the prayers over the BBB blankets and the families who will recieve them. God bless you!