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Monday, November 14, 2011

Well, I'm back...

I need to blog and vent... I've hit the wall and I don't know what to do.
I can't seem to get Allen interested in doing anything besides sitting in his recliner and watching TV or napping. He used to read a lot, but his eyes, dizziness and lethargy have worked against him doing that much now. He's always been a couch potato. That was why he got so heavy and between that and the BP his aneurysm burst. He was 'bent' toward them with his dad and brother having them, but nevertheless... physical circumstances didn't help. He's lost weight and is healing and really is improving all the time, but I can't help but feel it's not good for him to sit around so much. I let it go as necessary because of all dizziness he always has and that's true. I probably would feel the same way if I was dizzy all the time. But what kind of life is it to just sit and watch us do what we do and not have any activities short of conversations, tv, church and lifegroup a couple of times a month. We are going to the stroke support group when we can, but it's an hour. He goes on errands with me when it works and he feels like it. I'm a homebody, too, so I don't go out much. I do have my quilting bees and guild meetings that I go to, but that's not anything he's interested in.
ARGH... I feel like I'm failing him by not being more active in finding things for him to do during the day. I just don't know what to do. If I don't push something and I mean push it, it doesn't happen.
I haven't been weepy over his situation in a long time, but I am now. I just feel kind of helpless with it.
I'll consider any ideas on how to improve this situation.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Connecting Threads

I love Connecting Threads !!!

Sweet Leslie...

Again... I'm not keeping up here much. Leslie... I think you're the only one checking here now! Bless you for staying around and keeping an eye on what's going on. I put a message on the comment page, but here it is again...
Leslie... you are such a wonder to keep checking on us. God is good and things are okay. Christy is not healed, but she is coping and not in as much pain. We are still waiting. We hope that something will come along that will help her. Allen gets better and better all the time. It sneaks up and pokes me...LOL He will say or do something that shows he's remembered something he didn't before. He's using a cane now because he's 'tired of the walker'. That's awesome. It gives him the balance he needs though he's still dizzy. It's near impossible to get into a good neurologist where we live so we are still waiting on an appointment. I look forward to moving to central Texas where there are better doctors and more of them. Thank you for checking in. If you'd like to link to my facebook where I post a little more often now cause it's short and sweet, you'd be welcomed to. I'm under 'Linda Fox Chase'. Blessings to you from South Texas!