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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Only God is Perfect...

ABOUT.COM 'S Quilting Tip of the Day
Beautiful and Loved Instead of Perfect and Lonely

From Celia Hirschenhofer: My favorite quilting tip is this quote: Finished is better than perfect.

When I first started quilting, I worried the poor quilt to death trying to get a perfect quarter inch on every seam, and to make every point so sharp it could hurt you. I created lots and lots of UFOs and missed out on the fun of making something for someone I love. I printed the quote and put it over the sewing machine. Now I have quilts that are beautiful and loved instead of UFOs that are sad and lonely.

Just like my other favorite quote, "Only God is perfect," this made my day. So I took out a project that I'd been avoiding... because it was very flawed. I used 3 orphan blocks and made a table runner and because I do love folk art, I decided to use heavy crochet thread and do some hand quilting on it. It got a little puckery because it was heavily quilted. But I just decided to take it out and finish it up with some machine quilting and bind it. It is SO imperfect, but you know what? It's still pretty. I wrote the quote on the back and signed it as 'FINISHED'.

I've been trying to get to as many UFOs as I can. So this one is another notch on my 'gun'. Maybe I should notch my machine when I finish a project? Not.

Friday, August 29, 2008


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CQ4N / SOH Crazy Quilt completed, but for the label

I've put my CQ4N crazy quilt together. I'm really happy with it. But I wanted to put a label on the back of who all worked on it and ditzy me...I forgot to write down who made what for all the SOH hearts and the CQ4N Newbie Round Robin. Could you look through these pics and if you worked on one of them, please post a comment for me. I want to put your name on the label and where you live. Thanks so much! Linda

So far.... top left is Gerry's block...
Top middle is Susan N's. Bottom left is Janet's in Colorado!

bottom middle by Karen K, Sun City, AZ

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Baby Bear - I'm a grandmother

Monday, July 28th, my precious 2nd born daughter, Christy gave birth to the most beautiful little one, Baby Bear. She only took a couple of breaths here on earth, but she is now in heaven enjoying the freshest breaths of air, perfect health and is waiting for her family to join her some day. Baby Bear had Limb-Body Wall complex, a very rare malformation early in pregnancy. God gave us a few moments to love and hold her before we let her go. It is definitely the most painful thing our family has endured. Nevertheless, God.

Moving from Yahoo 360...

I enjoyed the simplicity of Yahoo 360 Blog, but you can't post many pics and you can't customize as easily, so I'm going to try it here again and see if the bugs have been fixed.