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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Only God is Perfect...

ABOUT.COM 'S Quilting Tip of the Day
Beautiful and Loved Instead of Perfect and Lonely

From Celia Hirschenhofer: My favorite quilting tip is this quote: Finished is better than perfect.

When I first started quilting, I worried the poor quilt to death trying to get a perfect quarter inch on every seam, and to make every point so sharp it could hurt you. I created lots and lots of UFOs and missed out on the fun of making something for someone I love. I printed the quote and put it over the sewing machine. Now I have quilts that are beautiful and loved instead of UFOs that are sad and lonely.

Just like my other favorite quote, "Only God is perfect," this made my day. So I took out a project that I'd been avoiding... because it was very flawed. I used 3 orphan blocks and made a table runner and because I do love folk art, I decided to use heavy crochet thread and do some hand quilting on it. It got a little puckery because it was heavily quilted. But I just decided to take it out and finish it up with some machine quilting and bind it. It is SO imperfect, but you know what? It's still pretty. I wrote the quote on the back and signed it as 'FINISHED'.

I've been trying to get to as many UFOs as I can. So this one is another notch on my 'gun'. Maybe I should notch my machine when I finish a project? Not.

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