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Friday, August 29, 2008

CQ4N / SOH Crazy Quilt completed, but for the label

I've put my CQ4N crazy quilt together. I'm really happy with it. But I wanted to put a label on the back of who all worked on it and ditzy me...I forgot to write down who made what for all the SOH hearts and the CQ4N Newbie Round Robin. Could you look through these pics and if you worked on one of them, please post a comment for me. I want to put your name on the label and where you live. Thanks so much! Linda

So far.... top left is Gerry's block...
Top middle is Susan N's. Bottom left is Janet's in Colorado!

bottom middle by Karen K, Sun City, AZ


Lori said...

It's beautiful! you did a great job of putting it together, unfortunately, I did not contribute! hope you find your answers!
lori K

gocrazywithme said...

The slightly wonky heart in the lower left corner is from me. Sorry it's wonky, but your quilt is beautiful despite it!
Janet in Colorado