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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ever seen a wooly bee?

On the 3rd MONDAY each month a group of 20 or so of us have become Wooly Bees in our Wooly Bee Hive!
We are having such fun learning or rediscovering or some continuing wool crafting.

Jan worked hard to provide some wonderful packets of patterns printed on freezer paper, color copies and layouts of our patterns. Most of us are working on a Spargo pattern and a few other wonderful projects.

Our first meeting, held at Jan's, showed us we need a larger location where we can spread out and work under good lighting and so we are meeting at the Stitching Barn by Picket Fence Quilt Shop for 3 hours. It goes by too fast, though.
Jan has also been spinning wool... wool thread onto bobbins and we're purchasing bobbins of each color. Plus the wool from Sue and Las Colchas was available to purchase.
Vivia and Jan had some nice pieces for sale and Linda (me) had a tub full of wool scraps from our ropa excusion to share.
We had a fun show and share of the black bird project that Vivia taught us last month and other projects that others had to share.
And then, the two who had their first project block glue down and ready to stitch.... MiBelia and Sylvia! Congrats, Girls! Good work. Jan has challenged us to each have our first block at least glued down and ready to show at Guild for June (2nd Monday).
I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait until next Wooly Bee... we'll have another mini project for you to consider! and... Thank you, Jan, for the little goody bags you provided. How wonderful! See ya' soon!