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Friday, September 5, 2008

Posting nonsense

Hmmmm... I'm sitting here thinking that I ought to post more often in case anyone surfs by. But why? I'm busy, but it's not terribly exciting...
  1. Setting up the roofer to repair hurricane damage
  2. Straightening out the oxygen provider so they get Mom's tank filled
  3. Dealing with paperwork with the doctor so I can get some stuff done for Mom
  4. Getting a loan approved at the bank so Allen can buy his truck -- Got it, Hallelujah!
  5. Schooling my 5th grader
  6. In between it all, sewing and cooking and loving on my family.
  7. Today I made a new apron out of the cutest pea pod vine fabrics.
  8. I serged a bunch of hot pads so I can teach Erin how to machine quilt with them. She's got a quilt to quilt and needs to practice first.
  9. I stretched lunch which was a chicken, pasta, peas and carrots dish with cheese and white sauce. I added a bunch more chicken, mixed vegies and cheese and VOILA! more lunch leftovers!
  10. Oh, and I answered phones for a business today who transferred them to our home phone. Pretty quiet, though.
Not very exciting, but it's kind of a typical atypical day. I didn't leave the property once, though, and that makes a good day. I love to stay home. But... tomorrow is my all-day sewing bee that I'm going to with Erin and Christy. THAT I like to leave home for!
Hope your day was good.

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