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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Baby Bear Pohler
Born and in Jesus' Arms July 28, 2008 1:06 p.m.

Our time with you was precious,
Memories we’ll cherish and keep
But sometimes all the might have been
Can make us weep.
Like a tiny, blushing rosebud
That never will unfurl,
Our little girl won’t grow to have
A chance to change the world. All the firsts you’ll never have —
First words, first step, first kiss;
We mourn the things you’ll never do
And all the things you’ll miss.
The perfect summer sunset
You’ll never get to see;
Laughing, dancing, singing
Sitting on Daddy’s knee.

We’ll grieve that we will never have
The chance to see you smile,
And while the pain may dull with years
We’ll miss you all the while.
Now, we may long to hold you
But you’re in another's arms,
Whose love outshines all ours by far
To keep you safe and warm.
You’ll get to sing with heavenly choirs
And dance down streets of gold
And laugh with those who’ve gone before,
Our loved ones, young and old.
When, someday, our time has come
We’ll run to meet you there.
‘Til then, with love you’ll always be
Our angel, Baby Bear.
~Aunt Jamie
(Jamie M. Chase)

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