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Sunday, March 8, 2009

B Line Quilt frame up and waiting for...

Bill Bailey won't you please come ho-----me!

I've ordered my Bailey quilting machine and it's supposed to be shipped on Monday or Tuesday.... Yippee~!!!!

My little sewing corner, too.... It's funny. What started out to be a long wall of sewing space is now a little sewing space and a BIG quilting space, but... the great thing is that the table (when I pop off the bars) easily doubles to a cutting, ironing and even extra sewing space. The storage is wonderful. We purchased the unfinished wood printer stands and I finished them. Hubby put the casters on and built this cabinet top for it. It is SOLID, just like everything he builds. I stained it dark walnut and I need to wax it up, but that's later.

The stand drawers are full of goodies and I got those wheelie plastic storage drawers and they're full, too. Where does it all come from???? At least for now, I am super organized.

I put up pics of the shelves with their goodies, too.

Next, I'll make the leaders for the poles and I'll be ready to attach a quilt when Bill Bailey comes home!

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pwl said...

I was so eager to get mine that DH and I drove down to Bailey's to pick it up :) Mind you, that's probably a lot more doable from where we live than for you. Now, waiting for the stitch regulator - *that* was tough.