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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Key Lime Meringue Pie... to die for!

It was the best key lime meringue pie I've EVER eaten! Erin watch Ina Garten on TV and decided to make her pie. She pulled out my old Betty Crocker cookbook and started to work. The only thing I did was stir the custard mixture on the stove when she needed to prepare the egg yolks and I pulled stuff out of the oven so she didn't get burned on our "Left-handed Amazon Queen" oven. The pie crust I taught her that someone sent me as a empanada dough recipe was absolutely perfect and she put it in the tart pan and rolled the rolling pin over to trim it...perfectly. The custard was so good... tart and sweet that tingles the back of your throat, but not so tart you can't unpucker. She was going to wig out on the meringue... because we're not big meringue eaters, but I suggested she go ahead and do it for the experience. Well, it couldn't have gotten any better. Some of the meringues I've had are too eggy and under done. This was a light marshmallowy cloud that she just browned on the peaks. I'm embarrassed to say how quickly it left my plate. I wanted more... I resisted. Right now there is more pie in the fridge and it's late... no one would know... Okay, I'm going to bed now! LOl It's going to be hard to lose weight with a pastry chef in the house.

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Emerald City Creations said...

GEEEZZZ There had better be some left for me to try when I come into town on Tuesday!