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Monday, July 26, 2010

Could I pare down to 100 things?

I found this on a blog called "Creating Peace". I wanted to share it.... Now... will I do it? It's on my list... I've been irritated by 'consumerism' lately and tired of being a pawn in the game. I'm an easy pawn in it, too. Aggravating! I'm letting it marinate in my spirit and I'm really praying the Lord will help me really learn to live simply. Of course... 'fabric' is one category and Sewing machines is one and craft supplies is one...LOL

100 Thing Challenge

Some of you have already read about this 100 Thing Challenge. If you haven’t, it was created by a man named David Michael Bruno. He has written books on Consumerism and has a blog at http://guynameddave.typepad.com/david_michael_bruno/. He will also be writing a book about his experience with the 100 Thing Challenge.

Basically, the 100 Thing Challenge is a challenge that Mr. Bruno proposed to pare down your personal items to only 100 things. He gave his challenge a time period of one year. It started last November and ends this November. If you go to his blog and his post about this challenge http://www.guynameddave.com/100-thing-challenge.html, you can see the list of things he has now, and all of the things he gave away.

This challenge only applies to your personal items. Items that only you use. So, it doesn’t include furniture in the house, or garden tools, etc. Anything that the whole family uses does not count. Underwear and socks, can be counted as one category each…you don’t want to have to count out each pair because obviously we don’t want to have to get down to minimal undergarments. Also, books are counted as one category as well: library.

I have begun my own 100 Thing Challenge, but I’m not there yet. I think I may give myself a deadline of January 1, 2010. I will try to pare down all of my personal items to 100 things by January 2010 and try to keep it that way for one year. I’m getting there, I’ve cleaned out my closet a ton. I almost have it down to only those things I wear, love and feel good in.

I really find this type of stuff interesting. It really makes you realize how much “stuff” is out there and how so many stores are packed with things we don’t need.

Now... what do I really need... of my own stuff...what do I really need? ... answer... a whole lot less than I have. I was reading another post that says we could eliminate things to "personal" and "functional" for decorating. That would be a good place to start... it's do-able... one bite of that elephant.

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