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Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm getting excited! I really didn't think it was 'sposed to be' this year. Last year's guild quilt retreat was so much fun and this year is one day longer and in a bigger sewing room. Sweet! A sweet lady, Mary, in guild is unfortunately unable to go and invited me to take her place. I had a 'list' of things to overcome to get to go, but HALLELUJAH! It is working out. It is amazing though how many important things can get planned for one week!

Oh, well, lots of people have been good to me and are stepping in and helping. Including my wonderful husband and three daughters who will be caring for my mom.

Her health is deteriorating and she is not as independent as she has been. I'm very concerned about her, but she really seems to be wanting to pass on and not hurt anymore. We're not going to rush it, but God has a day and an hour and we're not going to 'try' to get in his way either. I just pray that He will let her be comfortable and happy for as many days, weeks, months she has with us.

Retreat is at John Newcomb's Tennis Ranch near New Braunfels Texas. What a beautiful area, beautiful facility, incredible food, great accomodations... and wonderfully sweet ladies to sew with, too. Last year we shop-hopped all the way up, during and on the way back, too.

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