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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grandma Timex !!!

Well, I've got to come up with a nickname for this woman! She has been close to death several times and always comes back... thank you, Jesus. She had been getting weaker and weaker over a week's time and early Wed. morning we thought she'd had a stroke. She couldn't speak. Through a miraculous series of events, we got a house call by a doctor!!!! Dr. Castillo who is the head hospitalist at VBMC also works with hospice who I was in contact with and came to evaluate Mom. He thought stroke and she wanted to go to the hospital, so we called EMS and off she went to what I thought was the end or near it. Well, when I got to the hospital a few hours later (Erin is sick and I couldn't go until Allen got home) she began talking my ear off and fussing (she's not a fussy lady) about getting that tranfusion tube out of her arm. HALLELUJAH!!!! God is good. No matter how prepared you think you are getting for losing your momma, it never happens. I don't want her suffering, but would miss her SO much. Well, she talked and talked for the next three hours until she told me to go home and eat and go to bed! What a woman! TIMEX... THAT'S HER She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' !!!! Grandma Timex!!! I know that her health is not good and God has a time for her to pass on to eternity. She's ready when He's ready, but we'll just wait happily with her until that time.

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