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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Era has Passed

Erin started playing soccer before she turned 5. She started on the U5 team, the Rubies. After a couple of years, the Rubies disbanded and she moved to the Texans with Coach Joe. This was her last game. After this, the players try out for a different league and Erin is not continuing soccer. She wants to pursue other things. But... it has been a great sport and she has been incredibly blessed with great coaches and wonderful friendships from team players.

At the end of nearly every season, the Texans have a party and awards. We usually have swimming, BBQ and lots of fun with the team and famlies. Saturday after this last game was no exception. Coach Joe and Susie opened their home for a great party.

Our friend, Lisa, is a decorator and made this wonderful cake to celebrate with.

Many thanks to Joe Lerma for making this team what it was and for providing fun, exercise and lessons of sportsmanship to our girls!
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