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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food Storage

What happened to simplicity? My goal in life is to live a simple life and enjoy God's presence and all He has blessed me with. But sometimes the ball starts rolling on things and it's just not simple any more. Oh, well... take a breath. Re-prioritize and get back on the simple road.

Our Food purchasing co-op is getting ready to make an order and as much as I love to horde and stockpile, knowing what to purchase and trying to be wise and frugal can be a chore. I'm getting a little more grain. I still have a lot, but I believe in keeping some by in case it's needed. I'm getting some more dehydrated vegies because I just plain like to cook with them. Dehydrated tomato powder is wonderful. You can add a little to soups for the tomato-ness, make sauce or paste.mmm. It smells like Campbell's tomato soup and makes a great soup. I enjoy dried mushrooms and spinach flakes. They go great in soups and casseroles and pasta. I'm getting more apple chips and adding banana chips this time. I'm getting LOTS of granola. It costs half of what the store charges and it has lots of nuts in it. I can throw in some of the dried raisins I still have and it's GOOD STUFF. Walton Feed is the source of the food. My pantry is full. We don't know what is going to happen economically in our future. The country has its problems. I like having a full pantry and the ability to make my own bread and healthy meals. God has blessed us and we see His hand at work.

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