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Monday, December 28, 2009

Been Too Long...

Since last post....

Finished up my UFO project, "Joy Comes in the Morning", the Gingerbread Joy pattern and other quilting and sewing projects.

Worked with Christy for our church craft sale doing lots of machine embroidery designs to display with Christy's beautiful jewelry creations.

Helped Erin with AWANA projects, like her Thanksgiving costume. She was a pecan pie, including whipped cream on top!
Spent as much time as possible with Betsy Bear... wonderful!

Finished up homeschool co-op with Drama and Cake Decorating for Erin. Lots of fun!

Had wonderful planned visit from my brother, Charlie, and surprise visit at the same time from brother, Jim and Gail. It was an awesome visit and made me so happy!

Worked with our dear friends, Paul and Debbie, with the Love and Respect marriage class. We love working with them and enjoy the time with all the couples.

Lots of Christmas activities and enjoying family times.

Homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, crafting, enjoying my life.

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