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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quilt tops I want to finish in the year... 2010

Picture 1 is me holding the retreat project from 2007. Peg Dunayer taught this class. She's great! Picture 2 is an applique butterfly quilt I stared maybe 3 years ago or more. It's all put together now, but needs a border and quilted. Picture 3 is the mystery from Retreat 08. I love the fall colors. I put a temporary backing on it to hang it in the museum for our guild show, but it's time to take it off and quilt it for real. Picture 4 is the Puzzler that we did at Sassy Seamers Bee in 2007, I think. Picture 5 is Gingerbread Joy that we started the beginning of 2008 and I finished it in December, 09. Joy comes in the Morning!

Plus, I have a Rooster Quilt that is ready to quilt, a sampler that just needs a block or two and will be ready to put together and quilt, and a bunch of crazy quilt blocks that I want to put together, but I haven't figure out the layout for it yet (can someone say backburner?).

Come on, now. I got a quilting machine 8 months ago and I've still got all of these and some charity quilts to get quilted. That's my goal for this year... besides all the projects I'll start! I still have a mystery from a class Jan taught to finish... barely started it. And of course that will go on my ... gotta get it quilted list, too. Plus... we're starting a new BOM in Sassy Seamers that I'm anxious to work on. 2010 is going to be SEW busy!

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