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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Joker Returns

Allen had a week or two with more confusion and fatigue. It took a while to be sure, but it looked like another UTI. They seem to cause the confusion and fatigue in Allen, which is not uncommon. So... back on antibiotics, along with the cranberry, D-mannose, and probiotics we've been using to help combat the antibiotic repercussions.

So..he's better, less confabulations than we had for a while.

This morning he was so groggy! Took forever to wake up and then when he did and had a shower and shave and breakfast... still groggy. Well, mid afternoon when Heather, the PT, came... she had him standing still for an extended time to work on balance and he kept teasing her that he was going to use her to keep balance. Then had him walking forward and backward and he obviously thought it was silly, so he began to MOONWALK backward. What a character. He still needs help to keep his balance, but he's getting stronger.

Allen is coming to terms... sometimes... with the confabulations. He really feels like what he says really happened. It's got to be incredibly frustrating for your brain to play games with you. From what I've learned it's part of the frontal lobe's Executive Function that lets our 'self' know what is real and what is fiction, tv, dreams, imagination. The article I recently read encouraged that the Executive Function will wake up and do it's job one of these days. It's just wait and trust and pray... hmmm

Where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah... besides the last 50 years... many, many times over the last 6 1/2 months, the Lord has been very clear that that is our position ... What a safe place to be, held in the Lord's arms... waiting, trusting, praying. Thank you, Lord for all you've done and all you're still doing in our lives... for my precious husband, loving, giving daughters, and family and friends who have continually held us up in prayer.

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