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Friday, April 8, 2011

Insurance Coverage?

Well, I guess I could have gotten pretty discouraged and I did cry a few tears, but God's grace has been so comforting. A few days ago I got a call from the pharmacy that Allen's insurance was discontinued.... EEK>> Well, it was getting switched over to Cobra, but the insurance dropped the ball and didn't contact me like they told me they would. So... I had 60 days and got it taken care of. I had been told that Cobra would just be 102% of his previous premiums, but...
the girl on the insurance end of the phone told me that to cover Allen, Erin and myself would be $1028 !!!!! Can you believe that? That's insane! Well, I just asked them to keep covering Allen (for $350 a month) and drop Erin and I. It wouldn't be good, but we have to keep Allen covered.

So... They still didn't get their act together so the pharmacy could fill the meds. The second one I talked to said... Sorry, the insurance would be retroactive, but if I needed them now I had to pay for them. Well, this included all his medical care, including his therapy... grrrr.

Then I talked to the home health agency and she said she'd have to wait until his approval went through before she could recertify Allen for more therapy, but... she prayed with me before we got off the phone asking God to take care of the situation.

So... I was online at the benefits site and trying to get the payment taken care of and I clicked on the link that talked of his cobra benefits and it was much, much lower than they said. So... back on the phone to the insurance and guess what? Target provides insurance at employee cost for 12 months in the case of long term disability. Isn't God awesome? We have another 12 months of coverage for the family at less than it was going to be for just Allen per month.

Allen is doing well. Still improving daily. Getting stronger and making sense more. He still confabulates, but when I talk to him about it he seems to take it in that it didn't really happen. I never want him to think I think he's lying or crazy because it is never that. This is just one of the symptoms of the stroke that will heal with time. All the stuff in his head is mixed up and dreams and reality get mixed up, too. He's always had these very vivid dreams that are like movies, so it's kinda expected that he would still have them, I suppose.

So, come over and visit Allen if you're near. The company and remembrance of friends and family is a good thing. If he says something weird, just tell him you're not remembering it that way. Little by little it is getting better. Our God is an awesome God. I'm asking the Lord to complete that miracle and lift him out of the fog or lift the fog off of him, whatever. I want the Lord to clear his mind completely, miraculously. He is a wonderful man who is still showing me and our family so much love. He loves God and prays for us. I know it's not impossible for God. Think about how much God has done over the last six months. It's incredible.

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