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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home away from Home...

We had a wonderful vacation last week! We went to Killeen for a couple of days to visit my brother, Jim and Gail. We went to Belton's waterpark on Sunday with Gail and my great-niece, Michaela. Jamie visited a friend from Temple and Allen and Jim spent the day at the house watching westerns.

We spent a few days in Denton next visiting my brother Charlie and his family. Patsy had been under the weather, but we had a great visit with Charlie, Pat, Jon, Amy and Pat's sister, Jenny.

On Thursday we left for San Marcos and Wimberley. It was great. We have long dreamed of living in the hill country. We drove around a lot and looked at houses and properties. We don't know when the Lord will open the door for it, but it's in our heart and prayers. Since Allen is 'retired' now we can live wherever the Lord leads and if he is leading us this way it sounds wonderful.

We were glad to get home to our own beds, though. And God brought this wonderful handyman around who made us a great deal to do some work around the house. We came home to trimmed trees... powerwashed, rotten wood replaced and freshly painted house.... YEA! It looks great and I told Allen all his honey-dos got done!

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