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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update and a move???

Well, loved ones... update... Allen is doing well, but the dizziness keeps him from moving around as much as would be good for him. The Drs say it's normal and will hopefully subside in time. He is remembering more and more, but still gets confused about things that have happened or he thinks happened, but it's less and less. God is good! Unfortunately, insurance will not cover much on any therapy so we have to try to keep it up on our own, which is hard to keep him motivated to do that. Pray.

But some other news I need your prayers about. We've wanted to move to the Hill Country area ... country out of Austin... for a long, long time. It would be closer to my brothers. It seems like this might be the time to make that move. Allen likes the idea and we are looking. We are getting things done around the house to prepare to put it on the market and test the waters. Please pray that God will open the doors HE wants open and give us peace as we follow HIS will. We are looking at land, talking to builders, looking at houses online, having a friend check out properties and talking to real estate agents up that way. We have an agent here that will list the house in the next few weeks... The hard thing is leaving those we love so much here and it IS hard to think about, but we still keep feeling this tug. We will lay it down though if it's not God's plan. We are trying to be prepared for whatever the Lord brings our way.

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