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Saturday, February 19, 2011


I awoke this morning at 4 am to 'THUD!' Allen woke up and decided to get up and go to the restroom... by himself. Well, he didn't make it, but I applaud his efforts. He bumped his head and skinned his knees and ached his shoulder. But... a little at a time, he worked up on his knees by the bed and we got up off the floor and back to bed. He's fine this morning, but sleeping in a little while. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of my HunnyBunny.

Allen's conversations can still be confusing and sometimes I cannot figure out what he's trying to tell me, but other times, he may pick an odd word, but in context we understand what he's saying. Just general conversation about what's going on and living is clear as a bell, for the most part. He's very loving and considerate, with just a touch of sarcasm or teasing on occasion (that's the real Allen, just sprinkles of fun) We've had many doctor's appointments and more to come, more tests to make sure things are right and to get him off meds and get the peg tube out. It's fatiguing but I know they'll calm down after a while.

Please pray for my friend, Vivia. She was a pedestrian in Wash DC recently and was hit by a car. She's in a coma and the family was advised to discontinue life support because she wouldn't have a 'quality life'. Well, I got the same advice and we're now living a miracle. They took out the respirator and she's breathing on her own. So... just like with Allen... it's still in God's hands. I ask God to make the decisions so that the family doesn't have to choose something they aren't sure of. Please, please pray. She's a wonderful person, godly individual, sweet, kind friend. Pray for her husband and children, too. Thank you so much.

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