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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Was Chili Today, But It's a Gnocchi Noche


Great day... my brother Charlie flew down Monday and will be here a few days. We visited... Allen, Charlie, Jamie, Erin, Christy, Peter and Betsy... most of the day. Allen has PT and was tested by the therapist to score his improvement, which was awesome! He went from barely making it with rests 50 feet of walking and needing the wheel chair quickly (last week) to 75 feet and didn't stop or seem tired when he sat down in his recliner. He passed all the other tests well and though he still has lots of improvement, he is so, so much stronger and more balanced now. (still needs a spotter)

Next was lunch. I love making beans. Not just because I love beans and cornbread, but because I can turn them into Chili next. It's like when I made roasts often when Jamie was little. She loved it when it turned the leftovers into stew. So, she asked if couldn't just skip the roast, potatoes and carrots only step and just add the stew vegies in right away. Well, yesterday I turned the leftover beans into chili with cornbread..mmmm. So good. And still leftovers, so today I added a jar of homemade canned beans Jamie and I put up several months ago to the chili and cooked some really good hot dogs, added grated cheddar and grilled onions.... awesome chili dogs! Can you believe after I fed the crew there was still chili left! I'm not adding anything else in to stretch it. We're just going to eat it up and be done with it. Alas, dear Chili, I knew you well! Tomorrow, Peter is grilling steaks for lunch!

Later today, Allen's speech therapist came and again, Allen was so clear in his answers and explanations. Lori is an exceptional speech pathologist and draws Allen out so well. After the great day, I asked Allen if he'd like us to all go out and eat at Olive Garden and we did! He did exceptionally well. He only ate a bowl of chicken and gnocchi soup, but he enjoyed it. We came home and he passed out in his chair and we barely made it to bed. Snoresville tonight.

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