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Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 Girls Out Shopping

Well, they capped off the trach and put on the nose cannula! Hallelujah... another step forward.

I rec'd some advice that was hard to hear and actually took some time away from the hospital today. Not that I've been there nonstop. I'm not a morning person and haven't rushed up there early and I leave most evenings early enough for supper and time with the girls. But... today I stayed home, did a little around the house, took a long soaky bath, ate lunch and shopped with the girls. We visited Allen for a little while. The nurse said he'd mostly slept all day and he was sleeping while we visited, so I don't suppose I needed to sit and watch him sleep all day Afterwards, I went to a Stroke Support Group meeting with Paul and Debbie. I miss Allen a lot, but I trust that a day here and there will do us both some good.

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