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Friday, November 12, 2010

Pray for Peace

Allen breathes well on his own and rarely needs suctioned now. He has had some bouts of anxiety and pulls on tubes and cords that he needs to leave alone. He pulled his trach completely out last night and they had to replace it. He is so strong and when one of us tries to stop him, it's hard. Most of the time he's not that way, but he has moments. It seems that what he was trying to do was take off the elastic cord from his neck. When I let him take it off and just laid the oxygen mask right at his trach, he was fine. Please pray for his peace.

He has asked for pictures and Jamie made up a little album for him. He is remembering more. He asked for Erin today by name. I can't always understand what he's saying, but I clearly heard that he is tired of laying and waiting. I told him to keep working hard to get stronger and he'd be out sooner. I have to say sometimes I am a little nervous about what to expect, but I'm still so glad I'll be able to have him around and know that if God wants him to have the testimony God's going to restore him to the point of being able to give that testimony.

We are doing okay. Christy comes often as she can. Jamie goes up to see him lots around her school projects, homework and tests. Erin and I are there all we can be, but coming home to rest and do stuff around the house. People have brought us meals and gift cards for meals for several days out of the week, so that's helped us a lot. Lots of people checking on us and several have visited Allen and prayed over him. We are blessed.

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Paula Sanldin said...

Linda, I know it is hard for Allen, but he is just trying to get back to you and the girls as soon as he can. He misses being home with all of you. Hopefully he will have some peace soon and realize that he will get there it is just going to take some time. The Lord will help him with this, we know he will. You all just have to keep up the visits and encouragement to him. Our thoughts and prayers continue to come your way and hope that Allen can become peaceful very soon which will help him heal faster. Love you all