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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home and trying to find normal...

Papers scattered that I'm trying to go through.... check... that's normal.
Clutter that I walked in a dropped or shoes that constantly get left in the livingroom... check.. that's normal.
Dogs that roll into whatever they're not supposed to roll in right after they've had a bath... check... that's normal.
Going to the hospital every day to see my beloved... nope... not normal and I'll never get used to it... BUT... I am so grateful that I have him around so that I can go visit him.

A day or two ago when I was telling my buddy, Judy, about Allen's progress, she was rejoicing at how far he'd come in a week and a half. I had to stop and realize she was so right. I had gotten discouraged because of seeing what Allen isn't yet able to do that I was losing sight of what he is already doing. Yes, it's frustrating for him when he can't communicate what he's trying to tell me and that is frustrating to me, but... he's using arms and legs and trying to talk. He's being cute, raising his eyebrows at me... he says so much with his eyebrows! He's getting more movement every day. He's off the vent and on oxygen during the day. His lungs are healing and his blood pressure is getting better. Every therapist that comes in says he's getting better. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!! You are a faithful, healing, miracle working God. God spared his life -- returned his life !!!

I am able to sit with him many hours a day and not cry and worry about whether he's going to live. I can stitch, listen to television, read the Word to him and sing. I really need a new repertoire. There are 8 or 10 songs I have sung to him over and over because God ministered to me through them for these weeks.

My girls are taking good care of me. I am so happy that I can be their mother. And thank you, Lord Jesus, that they will still have their Daddy's encouragement, prayers, teasing and corny jokes!

Have you hugged your husband today and told him how much you love him and just sat and listened to him? Do it.

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Paula Sanldin said...

Linda, it is so good to hear good reports about Allen. I know it is hard for both of you to not be able to communicate easily, but it will come and then you will be able to have your "normal" talks with him once again. I don't know if you remember my father's mother, but the very first thing she told me when I got married was 1) never go to bed mad at each other, 2) never leave each other without giving a hug and kiss to one another and the last was to remember to tell each other how much you love one another. Chuck and I have been married 45 years this month and we have both always remember and done what she told us. These things have helped us through many rough times and in the end makes us realize the situation wasn't as bad as we thought it was anyway. Everyone can tell that you and Allen have a wonderful relationship and love each other very much so we are sure you will get back to normal sooner than you think. The Lord doesn't put us through anything that he knows we can handle. Your girls are very lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents and you in turn are truly blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful girls that really do care for you and their sisters. Take care and remember there is something each day that improves and you have to signt in on those things and not what hasn't happened yet. We love you all and our prayers are with you.