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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll be sharing our journey with you...

It's me... I'm still in Houston and will be a month or so. We are
waiting on God's miracle. Please keep praying. It's a tiny bit of
encouragement one day and stable the next. They opened a spot on his
skull and clipped the aneurysm. One side of his head is extremely
swollen and one eye won't open. As the swelling goes down, we are
believing he will be able to respond more. His pupils aren't dilating
much, but today he started trying to move his eye to the side a bit.
I talked to him about the fact that the surgery was successful and
it's just waiting for the swelling to go down so he can improve, but
that God is providing for him and for us and all is okay. He hadn't
been moving his hands at all and he pushed his thumb against my hand.
Then I told him I might not be able to get back to the hospital
tonight and he pushed his thumb again. The Lord spoke through my
brother to me to 'keep your eyes open', so I'm doing that. He also
shook his head when I sang 'rise and shine' to him the other day. It
was rather funny. I told him I'd have to sing it every day and he
shook his head again. He moves his legs pretty well, but not so much
on command yet.

My brother and friend needed to leave and my girls came up for the
weekend. They left my car, some supplies and my Erin. I missed her.
We are staying in an extended stay place for a month or so and have a
kitchen and a comfortable space. They provided shuttles to St. Luke's
where Allen is at. They have nice parking garages with ridiculous
prices. $12 a day or more. That wouldn't work for long. The doctor
is good. They're taking good care of Allen. Dr. Suarez has
privileges at VBMC when Allen can return, but as much as I REALLY want
to be back home, he is better here for now, plus at VBMC ICU I can
only see him 1/2 hr visits up to 4X daily. Here we can be with him
all but 6-8 am and pm. The staff is good and are very attentive and
there is a dr around all the time. But with all that.... I miss my
family and friends so very much. I am very sure how much I need all
of you in my life. I treasure your messages and prayers and
encouragement. Forgive me if I don't respond very quickly. Some days
I have more time than others. Today Erin and I got moved into this
room after the other kids left and because of the Texas game we
weren't able to get shuttles in and out so we had to stay in the room.
We passed out around 5pm and slept til after 7pm. We ate a pimento
cheese sandwich and are watching "Marmaduke". Tomorrow we'll be back
at it, but it has been nice to take a breath.

Wives... LOVE your husbands. LOVE your families. I miss Allen's voice
and I'm waiting and praying and singing and trusting. I know that
this is possible due to God's grace and a lot of prayers. Thank you
and I love each of you so much. Please keep my girls in prayer, too.
Jamie and Christy wanted to stay here so badly, but of course cannot.
Jamie has school and Christy her family.
Love ya'll so much

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Paula Sanldin said...

Linda, just saw Christy's post on Facebook, sounds as though thinks aren't going good. Do you need anything, please we aren't that far away and if there is something we can do, just let us know. We are praying that the Lord lets Allen know that he isn't ready for him yet, that he wants him to stay with you and the girls a while longer. We are praying for a good change. We Love you all, Paula