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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleepy man... and another blessing.

Allen was incredibly sleepy today. He would still respond when he was awake, but not awake much. It bothered me, but they checked the pressure in his drain and it wasn't too high. They will put the shunt in tomorrow afternoon. Please pray it goes well and no infection or problems. Also, please pray that the transportation to get him to Harlingen goes well. We can choose air flight which would be easier on him in many ways and definitely quicker. We are praying the insurance will kick in for it. Or the ambulance would be longer and rougher, but might be better in some ways, too. Lord give us wisdom and favor.

We are all tired, but it's so nice to have family here. Christy, Erin and I have been sitting with Allen most of the last two days together, since Jamie hasn't felt well. Peter has had Betsy to entertain. Christy and I (Erin, some) have sat and embroidered and talked and loved on sweet Allen. It's been peaceful. I still miss Allen's voice so much and can't wait until I can hear it again.

I want to tell you about another couple of God's ministers...
Janine is a stroke coordinator at St. Luke's. She visited me soon after we got there. She shared with me that she lost her husband to an aneurysm 15 or so years ago. She really understands all the questions and concerns we've had and interprets doctors orders and asks questions for us. She has been encouraging and calming. She helps us to walk out what we're going through. Lord, bless her, her new marriage and family. Return blessings to her 100-fold.

Allen's neurosurgeion is Dr. Duckworth. He comes in often to check on Allen and talk with us. He answers questions and concerns and has continued to care for him along with the neuro intensive doctors. He will be putting in the shunt tomorrow. Lord, guide his hands and bless him for being such a caring doctor.

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