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Thursday, October 21, 2010

One set of footprints

We are being carried. Today, we talked to the hospice people and the option is there if Allen cannot recover and God speaks to Allen and I. It's not my choice. It's God's. But... I have peace and hope. He is without a doubt responding. The doctors have seen a little bit. Tonight's nurse said she's seen movement. He kisses me and squeezes our hands, nods and shakes his head. He moves his mouth and tongue to talk but the trach prevents him from talking. Please keep praying that God will continue to strengthen him, heal and strengthen his lungs and restore whatever needs restored in his head. I'm okay with waiting and working through anything as long as God's in it with us. We are three strands... God, Allen and I. If the Lord doesn't let me keep him with me, He will carry us through that, too.

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