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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Guess what? Even though the doctors didn't think he would respond any more... he has. My precious Allen has been rubbing his thumb against my hand, nodding or shaking when I asked him questions. He pulled his arm up, moved his fingers and even traced a circle with his index finger on the sheet. Very purposeful movements, which is what the doctors say is needed to call it improvement. Now... stubborn man that he is, he hasn't seemed to think it was important to do this for the nurses or doctors so they don't see it. Well, Jamie videotaped it and I showed it to the nurse!

But... we still need LOTS of prayer because ... now they have found several serious blood clots and if they were to break lose would be bad. He cannot take blood thinners, so we need to talk to the doctor to see what can be done. We need to know that he can still improve beyond this because Allen is still not able to breathe on his own and needs to continue the respond.

It always was in God's hands and it remains there. If God raises him up, I will praise the Lord and shout to the rooftops. If God takes him home, I will mourn, but I will praise the Lord. Now I realize it's easy for me to say that now that I've been given a glimpse of hope. This has been a rough journey and I know God is carrying us down that road. He pursed his lips when I kissed him. That was a wonderful blessing today. I needed that.

We wait. Please keep praying.


Paula Sanldin said...

Linda, how wonderful to hear this. There are so many prayers coming your way, God has to know that it isn't Allen's time yet. Hopefully these are good signs and something can be done about the blood clots to dissolve them so they can't break loose. Just keep talking to him, touching him, singing to him and pray that God will let him stay with you and the girls longer. We love you and would like to come over on Saturday if that is OK with you. We don't want to intrude, but would like to see all of you and give what support we can.

Threadhead said...

I don't have any problem with you coming. There will be a lot of people here. Jim and Gail, Stacie, Christy, Peter and Betsy, Mom Chase and his brothers. It won't be intruding at all and would love to see you. If you want to wait until another weekend, that's okay, too. I never turn away visits or prayers.
I love you.