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Friday, October 29, 2010

Just a few more days...

It was a hard day today. Allen got the shunt and came through fine, but there was a mixup in letting me know and I sat in the surgery waiting room for over 5 hours before they let me know... ooops... he went back up to his ICU bed 3 hours ago. Grrrr.... I know it was just somebody fouled up, but I had been asking and they kept saying he was still in surgery. I was praying and working to not have vain imaginations about why it was taking so long. When they told me he was out and had been for so long, I just balled.

Allen is okay, though, and that's what matters. The kids were wonderful. We were supposed to come back and play uno tonight for Peter and Erin's birthday, but since it was so late and I was needing to sit with Allen a while, they brought pizza and uno up the waiting room so we could all be together. So... I'm decompressing now.

Betsy is sleeping at our place again... the pack and play was still here so we though she could just stay... after her bathy she was asleep in 2 seconds...what a sweetheart.

Well, Jamie, Christy, Peter and Betsy will be heading back to Harlingen tomorrow and it will just be Erin and I til Monday. An ambulance will be bringing Allen back to Harlingen 10:30 Monday morning, so we'll be back late afternoon, I suppose. This part of the journey is about done, but I know we still have a journey to go. For years now I've said... Enjoy the Journey. I don't know that this is the journey I would have chosen, but I'm glad Allen will still be part of the journey. I can't wait to see all my loved ones again. I've missed you.

I wanted to tell you about another wonderful person here in Houston. One of Allen's nurses has been Al. He is so kind and considerate of Allen. The way he moves him and speaks to him shows that he has a kind heart and really loves doing what he does. I'd had several tell me he was great, but I saw it in action.

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