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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As for Allen and His House...

Allen has had such wonderful progress. For the last several days he has been clearer cognitively and more aware of all that's going on around him. He has held conversations and been very interested in what I'm doing and talking about with others there and keeping in the loop. When I text he wants to know to who and what it's about. Physically, he is getting stronger and stronger and he is transferring with assistance in therapy. Hopefully, he will get strong enough to begin doing it with nurses in his room soon. He wants to get better and is trying so hard during his sessions. I'm so proud of him. I was talking to one of the weekend doctors and he said he didn't think Allen would improve like he is. He was pleased. I mentioned to him or someone there that two months ago Allen was just moving a finger. Allen looked at me and said, I had no idea I was that bad. I told him about his progress since it all happened and he was amazed and it seemed to help him understand just how well he is really doing. We also discussed my parents selling their home in the country and moving in town about 9 years ago and then each of them passing in 2004 and 2008. It really bothered him that he didn't remember those things. I don't know if all this information will stick or we'll need to discuss it again, but I can see a difference in his reactions that it's trying to soak into his memories or bring up memories or whatever.
Keep praying... God is hearing and doing His wonderful work in Allen's life! ... and ours.

Outside my window... cold and grey
I am thinking... I am so looking forward to seeing my hunny-bunny this morning...I miss him
I am thankful for... the therapists at S.Tx Rehab that God has put in my husband's life... that care about him and get such a charge when he gets stronger and accomplishes more
From the kitchen... need to sweep!
I am wearing ... slacks and a top
I am creating... stuff in my head... one day I'll get to my stitchin' again
I am going... to see my hunny-bunny
I am reading... a book about essential oils
I am hoping... Allen is able to continue the forward motion
I am hearing... Betsy, the little parrot!
Around the house... Erin is getting Betsy dressed
One of my favorite things... coffee...yeah, it would be healthier not to drink it... maybe... but it tastes so good in the morning
A few plans for the rest of the week... keep on keepin' on
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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