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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That man was made for walking!!!!!

I woke up late Monday, but I didn't miss the excitement! Ann (therapist) used this contraption for Allen to put his arms on so he could easier straighten up his back (he tends to hunch over). Straight up, he walked and walked and walked and walked. I don't measure feet in my head well, but I'd guess over 150 feet. That might be conservative. It was out the gym to the front of the building, through reception and down the hallway, around a couple of corners to the back of the gym. He rested twice, but walked the rest self-propelled!

He had his swallow study yesterday (Tuesday) and we had hoped he'd be off the nectar-thick drinks with meals, but he still is not swallowing strongly so he retains a tiny bit of liquid in the back of his throat and doesn't swallow again or clear his throat so they are worried he'll aspirate. That's okay. We can deal with that. It will get better. He can have 'thin' water between meals.

We find out from the insurance if he can continue there, but if not, we really hope he can get to come home... I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!!

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