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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Macs and God's Help

I have been thoroughly run over by a Big Mac Truck! Betsy got a stomach flu while she was here last week, then Erin, me, Jamie, Christy and Peter respectively. Wow... It was a bad one and my stomach muscles ache from ...well.... you know why... no graphics needed for that. Plus the fever has left me so weak... it's nuts. Two friends have brought over gatorade so we didn't dehydrate. That and a little sprite we had was all that would finally stay down. This started Thursday night and it's Sunday night and I'm still under the wheels of the truck. Well... maybe it's off me and my form is starting to pop up ( see roadrunner cartoons ) , but I have no strength. My girls, who had it bad, too, are still taking care of me.

I haven't seen Allen since Thursday and it's killing me, but I can't. I'd run fever even last night, so if I'm fever free tonight I will go in tomorrow morning, if I can move. This is NUTS! I am getting old. Jamie thinks I kinda hit the wall, that I've been going and going so much since September and now that I'm down, my body is keeping me that way for a while to recuperate. She may be right.

I've got to share with you that the Lord showed me something today, though. He showed me a cool vision that I will share later... not enough strength to type that much... but basically, I've got to keep my hope placed in the Lord, not in Allen's healing. Allen is the Lord's and God will do what He's going to do and it will be good and right and perfect. So...
I hope in God

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