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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Outside my window... it's dark
I am thinking... it was a good day ... church, friends, Christy, Peter, Betsy for lunch. Christy and I sat and went over medical bills and got things in order, then off to see Allen until 8pm.
I am thankful for... Bro. Ron, he was our pastor for many years and still one of those who oversees us and he is such a blessing to our hearts... our spiritual father.
From the kitchen... after dinner quiet
I am wearing ... slacks and a top
I am creating... I got to work on my "Step Beyond" Class quilt yesterday.
I am going... to work on a couple of things and go to bed
I am reading... The HipChick's Guide to Macrobiotics(title may be off)
I am hoping... Allen continues progressing steadily forward... unless God just wants to do a super miracle and raise him up quickly. That would surely be okay, too!
I am hearing... food network in the livingroom
Around the house... Erin is in bed after prayers and snuggles, puppies are quiet, Jamie has been working on Erin's school lessons... what a blessing!
One of my favorite things... my locket Allen gave me a year or so ago. It has a pair of scissors on a black background and is on a black ribbon necklace.
A few plans for the rest of the week... continue cleaning up my room, and Christy and Betsy will be staying with us a few days as she starts school at TSTC. They have one car until the other one is fixed and it's easier for her to stay close to school. We will love having two more wonderful girls in the house.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I was thanking the Lord for the opportunity and ability to go see Allen every day. Yes, gas prices are going up, but the Lord continues to provide and I love being with him. Sitting with him tonight was wonderful. We chatted. BUT... I will so look toward the day he can be home and it won't be necessary to drive there every day. I am not a morning person!...and getting up for his therapy ... woo... more coffee!!!!

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