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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Kids are the Best!

Got home from time with Allen today ready to tackle the refrigerator... see yesterday's post... and not only had Jamie cleaned, decluttered and organized the fridge, but cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry and cooked an awesome chicken soup for dinner. Erin cleaned up and vacuumed the livingroom and helped with laundry, too, plus made my bed that I ran out without doing this morning (hate not making my bed). What a blessing!

Allen had a tired day today. He did well with transferring from chair to chair and did what he could today, but was tired and chilled uninterested in extras. He will have good and bad days so I'm told so this was one of them. Keep him in prayer that he won't catch anything with that chill.

I'm headed to bed... just tired tonight.

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