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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Yours, Lord, Everything I've Got, Everything I am, Everything I'm Not ...

Don't misunderstand when I say this, but... I'M TIRED OF DRIVING TO BROWNSVILLE EVERY DAY. I am so blessed that Allen is getting the care he needs there, that that facility is close enough to drive to, that I'm not needing to provide all his care myself at this moment, and most of all, that I get to spend time with my precious Allen every day... but... I am so anxious for when he comes home! I am a homebody. Yes, I like little trips out every few days to do something or another, but I love each day that I've had that I never have to leave the house. Okay... so I've vented and I need to put on my big girl panties and get ready to drive. This mostly comes from the fact that it was nasty to drive in the drizzle yesterday with a little bit of hydroplaning to boot.

Allen had a good day yesterday... clear enough and well, but he rested a lot after his shower and lunch. So I napped and surfed the net and watched tv, then home to my girls who were super cleaning the house. What a blessing!

Outside my window... it's sunny and soggy, but not raining today
I am thinking... I need to get dressed for church
I am thankful for... a good car with decent gas mileage
From the kitchen... my keys a'tappin'
I am wearing ... jammies
I am creating... ...part of my problem... nothing
I am going... to church
I am reading... not much last night
I am hoping... Allen walks strongly soon
I am hearing...kid shows from the livingroom
Around the house... Erin is wathing tv and Jamie is sleeping
One of my favorite things... granola and yogurt...mmmm
A few plans for the rest of the week... Christy coming down for school, cleaning out some craft stuff to donate to our trash to treasure sale at quilt guild, calling billing departments about medical bills
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I mostly have been really aware of the fact that these are God's bills. There is something about seeing a half-million dollar hospital bill that emphasizes the fact that when you can't do anything about it, God is the only one who can. I just need his direction on what to do when.

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