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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miracle Man!

That's what my Judy called him. She had a dream that as she sat in our livingroom Allen walked down the hallway and she called him "Miracle Man." Then Samantha, our wonderful caseworker from STxRehab and dear friend, called him that. We talked today about needing a Superman-esq Tshirt with MM on it... lol

Well, this was our day...

  1. Got a call at 6 am. Allen fell. Nurse said he was alone in his room and got up. Doctor to check him out.
  2. Got to S.Tx Rehab. Allen is just fine. He wasn't alone. The PCT was getting him into our out of bed and he just lost his balance and slid to the floor, but on the way he knocked his pinky. No damage. Hallelujah!
  3. So... Ann, Allen's PT, worked watched me as I got him in and out of the chair and bathroom. He did it, not me, but need to know how to assist him so he won't fall if he's wobbly. Then we did a practice 'fallen and can't get up' on the red mat and he learned how to get up with assistance. Praying we won't need that one, but glad to know the procedure.
  4. Cut Allen's hair, shaved him, assisted his shower and he's all clean and smooth and smelling yummy --- put on his cologne --- growl!
  5. We had lunch together, then back to his room for a nap while his discharge paperwork was completed.
  6. About 2:30 we wheeled down the hallway. Over the speaker, "Priority One, All available staff." That means they're coming to celebrate Allen's recovery. As we passed through the doors into the front lobby, many, many people were lining the walls clapping for Jesus and there were many teary eyes, including mine. Our God is an awesome God. So many were amazed at his progress and didn't expect him to get this much mobility back. Why did God have us there instead of just doing a instant miracle? So that we could be part of their lives and they could be part of ours? There were many prayers for Allen from these gifted professionals.
  7. So, we get in the car and leave Brownsville, heading to Harlingen. Allen thoughts are clear, but he isn't too chatty. I drove him home so he could see the house and we could see if he remembered, but mostly so he could see Betsy "Taco", Jamie and Christy. He sat in the car and visited for a while.
  8. Now the hard part. We have to drive away from home and take him to Retama. I didnt' think it would be that difficult. I knew I wanted him home, but my insides wanted to scream, No, I'm keeping him home! But I didn't. It's probably best to have more therapy before he comes home. At least I keep telling myself that.
  9. Now, we get him settled in at Retama. They're nice there. He shares a room with another gentleman. That will be different. He's had private rooms before, but at Retama we'd have to pay the difference. So... the next few days will tell us if he is benefiting from the inpatient therapy there. I hope he will. I know he's stronger and we could have brought him home and it would have worked, I believe. I'm trusting that this is God's direction. The many wise counselors I asked led me this direction and I do have peace about it.

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