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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today is Sunday

Allen is settling in okay at Retama. I have some concerns because he isn't getting the same level of care that he had at S. Tx Rehab. It's okay, but last night when I got there at 8pm he had a cold tray of supper (from 5pm) in front of him. Nobody seems to know why he hadn't eaten. It may have some logical answer or he may have had it in front of him warm and was distracted and didn't eat, but the fact remains, nobody seems to know. I asked that he be taken to the dining room. He eats fine on his own, but he needs assistance to get out of bed and a reminder. Allen is not yet at the point of focusing on time and schedules.

His rehab at Retama is going fine. I need to get things completely ready at home so we can have a home visit and try it out. It's about time to have him back home for good.

Outside my window... it's sunny and cool
I am thinking... I wish I'd gotten up early enough for early service, but that would have mean going to bed at a decent hour, too
I am thankful for... Allen being closer to home
From the kitchen... the puppies crunching their food
I am wearing ...slacks and a blouse
I am creating... ...nothing, and I'm aching to do some sewing
I am going... to church
I am reading... a book of articles written for Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
I am hoping... Allen makes another jump forward in his strength... I WANT TO BRING HIM HOME!
I am hearing...tv from the livingroom
Around the house... Erin is wathing tv and Jamie is sleeping
One of my favorite things...Allen's voice
A few plans for the rest of the week... I must get the rest of the bathroom bars, etc for when Allen comes home.
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